The protection of minors has been fully upgraded! QQ Online Learning Mode and Small Game Health System

  International Online News: At present, most schools and grades continue to organize online education and teaching, except for a few senior three and junior three students who report back to school one after another. Many students have become accustomed to the daily life of "online classes".

  According to Tencent’s latest financial report, since the outbreak of New Crown Pneumonia, QQ home-school group has provided group classroom live broadcast, online tutoring courses and homework management tools for more than 120 million users, helping to carry out online and offline education. In order to provide students with a more focused and efficient learning environment and help minors grow up healthily, QQ has launched a learning mode in the new version, and QQ games have also been officially connected to Tencent Health System in the near future.

  openQQLearning mode, giving priority to showing learning applications.

  Users can download the latest version of QQ for iOS (the Android version will be launched soon), and then start the learning mode through Settings-Universal. Learning mode retains the core functions of QQ foundation, and most entertainment and advertising content will be blocked. In the message interface, except "Friends News", "QQ Wallet" and "QQ Security Team", the content push of WeChat official account, subscription number and shopping number is blocked. In the point-of-view and dynamic interface, only learning counseling, simulation questions, homework explanations and other related content and the relevant entrance of learning applications are provided.

  In addition, in the learning mode, QQ’s home-school group and classmates will show the quick entrance of educational applications, and add functions such as watching online classes and practicing together to provide more learning applications for students.

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  QQ interface

  In the screen-centered online class world, students’ attention is easily distracted by other Internet information. After starting the learning mode, the overall content of QQ is more focused, which helps students to reduce information interference and improve learning efficiency to the greatest extent.

  QQSmall games are connected to Tencent Health System to upgrade the protection ability of minors.

  Recently, QQ games have been officially connected to Tencent Health System, which will help parents to plan the game time of minors and help them grow up healthily through the unified real-name authentication function and the ability of minor users to play and pay. This capability will be realized by the platform, and it is gradually covering all small game users.

  Users who are certified as minors will not be able to use small game services from 22: 00 to 8: 00 the next day; The legal holidays shall not exceed 3 hours per day, and the other days shall not exceed 1.5 hours per day. At the same time, minor users will also be restricted in the use of paid services, and different age groups will be restricted by different levels of consumption. At the same time, parents can also pay attention to WeChat official account, the "growth guardian platform" in QQ, to control the total duration and consumption of various games played by children, and to guide children to develop healthy playing habits.

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  Resolutely crack down on fraud and ensure the safety of minors online.

  Combined with the hot spots of online classes, criminals are constantly renovating scam routines, such as sneaking into study groups, changing their nicknames and avatars into the same style as teachers, and defrauding parents and underage students of their money in the name of paying information fees and training fees. For this kind of illegal behavior, QQ security team has continuously upgraded its security strategy and crackdown measures in combination with many years of "black ash production" confrontation experience, "black ash production" big data and AI capabilities, and actively assisted relevant competent authorities to jointly crack down on crimes that endanger network security.

  According to the statistics of the first quarter of 2020, the QQ security team has blocked the counterfeiters from deceiving their parents about tuition and miscellaneous fees, lurking in more than 6,000 related home-school groups, and protected the property safety of more than 300,000 students and parents. At the same time, the bingo anti-fraud prevention and control system based on Tencent’s years of experience in "black production" confrontation, massive big data and machine algorithms has identified 60,000 fraud warning messages and output them to the police, including 7,000 training fee fraud warning messages. The police have effectively intercepted and dissuaded the victims. In addition, the QQ security team also cooperated with Tenpay Risk Control to intercept fraudulent risk transactions amounting to more than 2.5 billion yuan, including nearly 100 million yuan of training fee fraud.

  In the face of the internet world with complicated information, helping to protect the healthy growth of minors has always been the direction of QQ. In the scene of online classes, QQ continues to combat prevention through function optimization and related criminal acts, hoping to provide students with a more efficient and safe learning environment and help them better cope with the learning pressures and challenges in a special period. (Photo/Text: Chen Dong)