In 2022, the top 5 Tesla of new energy SUV sales sold 100,000 Model Y units.

Since the beginning of this year, domestic sales have not been very good-looking, and the Great Wall Haval H6 is not easy to sell for various reasons. On the one hand, because there are special circumstances all over the country, on the other hand, the supply of chips and other accessories is not available, resulting in limited production capacity. But it is not without selling well. For example, Tesla Model Y has sold more than 100,000 units from January to March this year. Let’s take stock of the five best-selling new energy SUVs this year.

First place: Tesla Model Y

January-March sales: 105,490 units

Tesla is crazy in today’s new energy market. Although the problem of Model 3 is still uncertain and the sales volume is gradually declining, Model Y is selling quite well. As of March, more than 100,000 units have been sold this year, and this sales figure can rank first even in the entire SUV field.

The design of Model Y is very similar to that of Model 3, and it can be regarded as a brother model. The middle net of the front is completely closed, the headlights are located in a relatively high position, and there is a trapezoidal grille at the bottom. The whole front can be said to have no big elements, and the design is not outstanding. However, we can see that there are many cameras arranged around the car body, and these cameras work as automatic driving AIDS. This is the function that Tesla is proud of and sought after by everyone, and it is relatively strong at present. Although it is called FSD, it still depends on the driver’s control, and it cannot be driven automatically by the vehicle.

Tesla’s interior can be said to be the ultimate explanation of minimalist style. A large screen is placed in the middle, and the rest is gone. Almost all the functions are gathered on this big screen, even the speedometer. The gear shifting mechanism is made into a gear, and there are two rollers on the steering wheel. The other functions are either voice control or operation on the screen.

Second place: BYD Song

January-March sales: 70,207 units

Tesla and BYD are two hot brands in the new energy market at present, and BYD Song is BYD’s trump card model, including Song Pro, Song PLUS and Song MAX. In addition to their own DM-i versions, Song PLUS also has pure electric versions, which are very rich in categories.

DM-i is BYD’s ace power, and the car with this power contributes the most in sales. Moreover, from the figures of output and sales, BYD DM-i almost produces one and sells one. Don’t mention the discount at the terminal, it is common to wait for the bus for several months. In terms of styling design, Song PLUS is similar to Song Pro, and Song MAX is somewhat different because it is an MPV model. As far as the overall design is concerned, it is biased towards stability and the recognition is relatively low.

The interiors of the Song New Energy Family are not much different, and they are all relatively simple designs, but they are still slightly more traditional than Tesla, with large screens, LCD dashboards and electronic gears. And you can see some Chinese around the handlebar, which is a feature of BYD.

Third place: Li ONE.

January-March sales: 31,716 units

It’s not surprising that Li ONE can be on the list. With a well-used extended-range hybrid system, it is not limited by the cruising range. Although it is not as fuel-efficient as BYD’s super hybrid, it is intelligent, and Li Xiang’s personal charm has attracted many consumers.

In terms of the appearance of Li ONE, a decorative strip runs through the front of the car, the middle net is relatively regular, and some sports designs are made under it, which belongs to the more traditional SUV. It won’t be surprising if this is a fuel car, and Li ONE does have an internal combustion engine.

Li ONE’s interior uses a through central control, which is made up of three screens. It is a model that introduced this concept earlier, and it is no different from a pure tram in driving, because its internal combustion engine is only used for charging, and the motor drives the vehicle. The internal design of six seats is suitable for our domestic family population structure at present, and many factors are superimposed, which makes this car sell very well.

Fourth place: BYD Tang New Energy

January-March sales: 29,111 units

This is the second model of BYD’s new energy SUV on the list, which is enough to show that BYD is really strong in the new energy field. At present, there are three types in Tang Dynasty: DM, DM-i and EV, among which DM-i is still popular. 0-100km/h accelerates for 8.5-8.7 seconds, and the fuel consumption per 100 km is 5.3-5.5L, which is a good result.

The exterior design of BYD Tang also follows the family design, such as polygonal large mouth grille, headlights with a certain radian, more sporty grille on both sides and so on. Although positioning a medium-sized SUV, it may not be just a medium-sized size visually. The new Tang EV has been released before, and its shape has changed and become more modern. It is expected that the models of DM-i system will also be equipped in the future.

The interior of the car is also BYD’s customary style. The central control panel is suspended, with a large size. The center console is clean, and the shift lever area is very similar to that of Song PLUS. Simply talking about the materials and color matching of the interior is definitely not as good as those new cars that meet the needs of young people. However, if you don’t give a button like Tesla, many people may not get used to it. It can be said that Tang is more suitable for all ages.

Fifth place: Guangzhou Automobile Aian Aion Y.

January-March sales: 18,900 units

Guangzhou Automobile AION Y may be less well-known, and many people may not pay attention to this car on the road, but in some areas, the number of this car is very large, and many drivers who make online car rides will choose this car, on the one hand, because the space is large enough, on the other hand, because the price is not high. AION Y’s appearance can be seen at a glance as a new energy vehicle, with the upper middle net fully enclosed and the lower part with a moving grille.

The car is also simple, and the big screen and LCD instrument are standard. The shift mechanism adopts knob type, which has a strong sense of the future. As mentioned earlier, the interior space of this car is relatively spacious, especially when the body size is not very prominent, which is rare.

The sales performance from January to March this year is generally not good. It is really not easy for Tesla Model Y to achieve sales of 100,000 units, which shows how much you like this car. In addition, BYD’s comprehensive sales volume is higher than Tesla’s, and it is undoubtedly the big brother in the field of new energy.