Zhiji, Tucki and Millicent have been applied, and the world’s largest intelligent computing center "Data on the Cloud" speeds up autonomous driving.

On August 30th, Alibaba Cloud announced the official launch of Zhangbei Super Intelligent Computing Center, with a total construction scale of 12 EFLOPS (120 billion floating-point operations per second) AI computing power, which will surpass (9 EFLOPS) and (1.8 EFLOPS) intelligent computing centers and become the largest intelligent computing center in the world.

Alibaba Cloud will start Wulanchabu Super Intelligent Computing Center at the same time, and build AI computing power with a scale of 3 EFLOPS, which is located in Wulanchabu, the hub node of "East Counting and West Computing" in Inner Mongolia.

The two super intelligent computing centers are based on the "flying intelligent computing platform", achieving a two-way breakthrough in scale and efficiency, and will provide powerful intelligent computing services for AI model training, spatial geography and other artificial intelligence exploration applications. Feitian Intelligent Computing Platform is the latest full-stack intelligent computing solution released by Alibaba Cloud, which provides two modes, public cloud and private cloud, and provides powerful intelligent computing services for various scientific research and intelligent enterprises.

Cai Yinghua, global sales director of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent, said. 58% of enterprises in China are using AI artificial intelligence, far exceeding the global average (35%). At the same time, the acceleration of digital transformation and the popularization of intelligent applications have accelerated the generation of data. It is estimated that the data volume in China will reach 48.6ZB (zeta bytes) by 2025. At the same time, during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the total scale of computing power in China increased by nearly five times, the general computing power increased by nearly three times, and the intelligent computing power increased by nearly a hundred times, accounting for 40% of the total integrated computing power.

At present, Alibaba Cloud AI large-scale training model, AI Earth, digital people, e-commerce and other scenes have been applied to the platform of Zhangbei Intelligent Computing Center. The main service scenarios of Wulanchabu Intelligent Computing Center involve autonomous driving, biopharmaceuticals, scientific exploration, metauniverse and so on.

In the industrial field, Zhiji Automobile used high-performance computing to improve the efficiency of industrial simulation by 25%, and accelerated the development and listing of new models. Zhiji Automobile, established in 2020, was jointly built by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group, and Alibaba invested 1.8 billion yuan to hold 18% of the shares.

Zhiji automobile related people reply to First Electric,The "Data Factory on the Cloud" was jointly built by Zhiji Automobile and Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud can provide high-performance computing, low-delay network and cloud storage solutions, and provide full-link, highly reliable and efficient technical support for the data collection, labeling, uploading, calculation and AI training of Zhizhi iAd intelligent driving system, endowing iAd with powerful self-iterative and self-evolution ability and realizing deep intelligence of the whole vehicle.

At the same time, the "data factory on the cloud" has ultra-high data reliability, which can provide the necessary data security for smart cars, provide a reliable foundation for large-scale concurrent OTA, help Zhiji Automobile realize global deep OTA, and make the continuous evolution of the cloud full of possibilities.

"Alibaba Cloud’s leading cloud computing capability has been applied to the processing of tens of millions of data per day for intelligent driving. For example, there are about 30 or 40 kinds of trucks in Europe, while there are tens of thousands or even a large number of special-shaped cars in China. To realize the accurate identification of so many kinds of big cars, it is necessary to learn and train based on a large amount of data, and Alibaba Cloud can help to complete the labeling and processing of a large number of data, and the training optimization efficiency of intelligent driving models on the cloud is improved by 70%, which makes Zhiji iAd have a strong ability to identify special-shaped cars. "

On the aspect of autonomous driving, on August 2nd, it was announced that Alibaba Cloud and China would jointly build the largest autonomous driving intelligent computing center "Fuxuan" in Wulanchabu for autonomous driving model training. The calculation power of "Huying" is 600PFLOPS, which can shorten the training speed of Tucki’s core model of autonomous driving from 7 days to 1 hour, and increase it by nearly 170 times. At present, "Boom" is being used to train the algorithm model of NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving in Tucki.

He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of Xpeng Motors, said that with the change of the demand for autonomous driving simulation training, a strong local+cloud computing power is needed to support it. In China, in 2025, some cars in Tucki will enter the era of real autonomous driving. According to the data, Alibaba participated in several rounds of financing in Xpeng Motors, and even led the C++ round of financing in Tucki with US$ 215 million.

Another self-driving artificial intelligence technology company, Mimo Zhixing, is also based on Feitian Intelligent Computing, achieving a 128-card parallel efficiency of over 96%, reducing the training cost of the self-driving model by 62%, increasing the training speed by 110%, and greatly shortening the model iteration period. At the just-concluded Chengdu Auto Show, the Wei brand DHT-PHEV lidar version equipped with the NOH assisted driving system in Millimeter City was officially unveiled. This is the first mass-produced model of the NOH assisted driving system in China, and it is also the first model equipped with the NOH function in Millimeter City.