Price 35.58-36 Lynk & Co 09 EM-P Voyage Edition officially launched

[EV Horizon Report] On October 23, Lynk & Co 09 EM-P voyage version was officially launched. The new car launched 2 models with a price range of 35.58-36 5,800 yuan. According to the previous information, the new car is the first intelligent electric hybrid model under the SPA architecture. It not only has longer pure electric battery life and comprehensive battery life, but also applies to users with longer commuting distance requirements. The new car will be delivered on November 1, 2022.

The Lynk & Co 09 EM-P Pilot Edition is a new model of Lynk & Co 09 PHEV, which adopts the latest naming method. Its front face adopts a new style of Lingguang armor front grille design, which is visually imposing. In addition, the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P long-range version adds a twilight purple car color, which is inspired by the changes from day to dusk, revealing a hazy purple in the shadows, deep and distant, with its own beauty tempered by heaven and earth.

Looking at the side of the car, the overall effect is consistent with the fuel version, and its wide front and rear fenders are combined with the door lines, giving people a strong sense of movement. In addition, combined with the previous declaration information, the length, width and height of the new car are 5042/1977/1780mm, the wheelbase is 2984mm, and the curb weight is 2470kg.

In terms of the rear, the new car adopts the "Gull Wing Crystal Tail Light", which is matched with the newly added logo lighting function to form a true through-type tail light. At the same time, it matches the hidden exhaust tail pipe design, and the shape is more seamless.

In terms of interior, Lynk & Co 09 EM-P Voyage Edition offers two interior styles: brown and morning fog gray, and the new car also features a physical button steering wheel with highly intensive function buttons, making driving more comfortable.

In terms of seats, the car seats are designed with a new minimalist quilting design, which makes the ride more comfortable while showing a luxurious and fashionable texture. In addition, under the center console, a new storage space has been added, so that the travel storage is orderly and practical.

In terms of configuration, the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P Voyage Edition is also equipped with head-up display, wireless charging of mobile phones, lane keeping assistance, lane departure warning, traffic safety warning, taxi energy recovery, automatic parking, parking assistance system, steep descent and other functions.

In terms of power, the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P long-range version is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system composed of Drive-E 2.0TD high-power engine and three motors, with a combined output power of 382kW and a maximum torque of 844N · m. The transmission system is matched with a 3-speed hybrid special gearbox, which can achieve 6 categories/35 intelligent working modes, according to the official.

In addition, according to official data, the comprehensive fuel consumption of the new car is 0.95L/100km (WLTC), and the feed fuel consumption is only 7.5L/100km (WLTC). Under full power, the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is only 5.9s; under feed, the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 6.1s.

In terms of batteries, the new car is equipped with a ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 40.1kWh, a fuel tank volume of 70L, a pure electric cruising range of 150km (WLTC)/180km (CLTC), and a comprehensive cruising range of 1100km (WLTC)/1430km (CLTC). Among them, the ternary lithium battery from Ningde Times applies CTP integrated battery packaging technology, 70kW DC fast charging, and it only takes 28min to charge from 20% to 80%. In addition, the new car also has external discharge function, up to 6.4kW external discharge, which can meet the power needs of young consumers when camping outdoors.

In terms of safety, the battery pack of Lynk & Co 09 EM-P long-range version has undergone as many as 175 rigorous safety and reliability tests, covering 107 extreme battery pack safety tests, 23 battery cell tests, and 45 battery pack controller tests. Many tests far exceed the requirements of national standards, clearing up hidden dangers for battery safety and completely eliminating users’ concerns about the safety of new energy batteries. Not only that, in response to battery fire anxiety, Lynk & Co new energy models also start with physical protection, software protection and isolation protection to build triple super protection for battery fire protection and remove fire hazards.

In addition, as the flagship of Lynk & Co’s global safety, the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P Voyage Edition is also equipped with a number of industry-leading safety protection technologies, which newly defines the safety standards of SUV products. The co-pilot of the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P Voyage Edition is equipped with a special fox-head airbag with a covering capacity of 105L and a detonation time of 3ms, which can bring full safety protection to the head and face; the 2550mm ultra-long side air curtain covers the A-pillar to the D-pillar, and the large protection range can provide protection for three rows of passengers.

The Lynk & Co 09 EM-P long-range version is equipped with a roll protection system as standard. This system consists of 7 sensors, which are connected to multiple components in the car, including side air curtains, front pretensioned seat belts, double flashing lights, door locks, oil circuits, etc., which can react in a linkage to complete the protection action in the moment of an accident. With ultra-high-strength body materials, OurHours protects users from travel.

Summary: It can be seen that the launch of the Lynk & Co 09EM-P Voyage Edition model not only further enriches the product line of the Lynk & Co brand, but also counts as a relatively bold attempt. And the addition of plug-in hybrids also gives consumers an economical choice. In terms of various capabilities, the Lynk & Co 09EM-P Voyage Edition model has also made many breakthroughs, and the cost performance is quite high. We expect it to have better sales performance in the future.