[Frontline of the War on the Epidemic] He came to Wuhan alone "retrograde", and he randomly navigated to the hospital to be a volunteer

   CCTV News(Correspondent, Hu Meng, Li Wanting): It has been 16 days since Zou Zhiming came to Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a volunteer. 16 days ago, 25-year-old Hunan man Zou Zhiming came here alone "retrograde".

  Zou Zhiming’s idea of becoming a volunteer came to him while watching Douyin: "There are so many angels in white on Douyin who are saving people. They are working very hard, so I want to help." Just after the new year, Zou Zhiming was about to drive to Wuhan, but the road closure in the village could not make the trip. On February 21, the village was unblocked, and at 11am, Zou Zhiming packed 10 bags of homegrown cabbage and left for Wuhan without telling his family.

  After driving for more than six hours, Zou Zhiming arrived in Wuhan. He used navigation to guide a random hospital, and thus arrived at the Optics Valley Hospital of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  After arriving at the hospital, Zou Zhiming sent the cabbage to the hospital’s material management department. Jian Xiaojing, a staff member of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine who was on duty that day, received him. Zou Zhiming told Jian Xiaojing that he would always be near the hospital and that if there were healthcare workers who needed a car, they could contact him at any time. At noon the next day, Jian Xiaojing saw Zou Zhiming’s car in the hospital. "After donating the supplies, we advised him to go back quickly, but I didn’t expect him to be there." Jian Xiaojing and colleagues were surprised by the young man’s persistence. After learning that Zou Zhiming had no protection and no food, Jian Xiaojing gave him three packs of disposable masks, an ordinary protective clothing and mineral water, fruit, and convenient meals.

  Over the next few days, Zou Zhiming got his wish as a "ferryman" at the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine – transporting the angels in white to and from work. Eleven days later, Zou Zhiming has to pick up and drop off healthcare workers an average of 5 or 6 times a day. This rush and effort, Zou Zhiming is willing, "Breakfast can be eaten slowly, but angels in white must not be delivered slowly," he wrote in his circle of friends.

  Zou Zhiming was not idle during the time other than picking up and unloading healthcare workers. "Every time I load and unload materials, he comes to help when I have nothing to do." Comrades in the material handling team can see him every time. Social love materials are constantly transported to the hospital, unloading, transporting and placing, and Zou Zhiming’s daily transportation of materials can no longer be counted. At 9 pm on February 23, Zou Zhiming, who has been working for more than 5 hours, took a picture of a large truck of materials waiting to be unloaded and sent a Moments: "Continue unloading, there is no other ability, but to contribute."

  Zou Zhiming shares "positive energy" in the circle of friends every day, but does not mention his own hard work. When he first arrived, he had no place to rest and could only sleep in the car. Zou Zhiming, who works as a delivery staff for large items, is accustomed to such difficult conditions. "When I used to deliver goods to catch up with my busy schedule, I often slept in the car at night." Jiang Yingshuang, a staff member of the hospital’s finance department, knew about Zou Zhiming and immediately contacted a hotel to arrange for Zou Zhiming to stay. "The staff of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine treated me very well, delivering food and drinks, and arranging accommodation. I feel so warm." Zou Zhiming is very grateful.

  When asked about his family’s attitude towards his coming to Wuhan and when he planned to go back, Zou Zhiming did not answer for a long time. But his circle of friends has already given the answer: "I am most sorry for my family. The epidemic will not be eliminated for a day, and the children will not return for a day. Don’t ask, everything is worth it! Come on Wuhan!" To express their gratitude to him, the workers also silently raised the young man’s travel expenses to go home, bought a fuel card and handed it to him.