Another revolutionary technology, BYD released the new suspension technology Yunqi-Z.

In April last year, a new energy-specific intelligent body control system, Yunqi, was released, including Yunqi -C, Yunqi -A, Yunqi -P and other products, which were self-developed by BYD, filling the gap in domestic related technologies. At today’s auto show, BYD launched a revolutionary new technology in the world-Yunqi -Z, which can bring users a ride feeling beyond magnetic levitation, and wherever they go, they will be on the ground and will take the lead in the world.

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When we were in junior high school, we all studied the spatial rectangular coordinate system. The XY axis can form a two-dimensional plane, while the XYZ axis forms a three-dimensional space. Lian Yubo, chief scientist of BYD, described it in this way at today’s press conference. If the car body is regarded as a three-dimensional coordinate axis, then the easy square technology solves the plane problem of the XY axis, while the cloud is solving the three-dimensional problem of the Z axis.

The structure of electric vehicle is not the same as that of traditional oil truck, so it is not appropriate to use the body control system of traditional oil truck in electric vehicle. Yunqi -Z is completely developed based on the concept of electrification, and the traditional hydraulic shock absorber is replaced by a highly integrated suspension motor, which realizes a revolutionary breakthrough in Z-direction adjustment speed and accuracy. The release of Yunqi -Z marks that BYD has become the only car company in the world to realize full electrification in vertical and horizontal control.

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At the press conference, a video was also shown, that is, putting a glass of water in the car, no matter how ups and downs the road surface is, the car body equipped with Yunqi -Z has always remained stable, and the water in the cup has hardly changed. How is this done? On the one hand, the adjustment response speed of Yunxiao -Z is as fast as 10 milliseconds, and it can be adjusted nearly 50 times in the blink of an eye, which is 10 times faster than the traditional active suspension; On the other hand, it is energy recovery. The suspension motor directly does work, and there is no liquid oil as the medium, so the energy transmission damage is less. It can also directly generate electricity through the suspension motor to realize kinetic energy recovery and charge the battery.

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Looking up at U7 equipped with Yunqi -Z and Yifangfang technology is really a car worth looking forward to, and will be officially listed in the second half of this year. 1,300 horsepower, 2.9s acceleration at zero speed, 270km/h top speed, and drag coefficient of only 0.195. It is a mass-produced car with the lowest drag coefficient in the world, and it also has a high-order intelligent driving assistance system with three laser radars. I can’t imagine how cool this car is to drive.