Ele.me Guangdong’s first "five-star" Knight Station opened, and the government and enterprises jointly built a one-stop service for the new employment group "Medical and Food Resident"

  ""One-stop service for medical and food residents, Guangdong’s first" five-star "knight station has arrived.8month7On July 1, at Guangzhou Haizhu Wanda Plaza, the new business model and new employment group comprehensive service center jointly built by Ele.me and Guangzhou was officially opened, free of charge to takeaway riders and new employment groups.

  Here is the country’s first rider-themed square, which can solve problems such as difficulty parking, charging, and licensing for riders. At the same time, the comprehensive services of the site allow everyone to "eat when they are hungry, rest when they are tired, have a platform for doing things, travel is guaranteed, medical treatment is more convenient, difficulties can be coordinated, and there is a place for exercise."

  This is an innovative measure launched by Ele.me based on "party building leadership, government-enterprise cooperation, co-construction and sharing". The launch of the new site is part of the "Hundred Cities Million" plan – currently, Ele.me is building standardized knight stations across the country: whether in big cities or small cities, on the streets and alleys, so that more knights and new job groups can enjoy the post service.

  "Medical and Food Resident "One-stop Service
Riders get discounted meals and free haircuts

  According to reports, the newly opened service center is located in Wanda Plaza, Haizhu District. It is adjacent to the commercial center of Guangzhou Avenue, and the takeaway food delivery industry is active, covering the vicinity3kilometer rider1000Many people.

  "Take-out riders run around in the streets and alleys every day, the wind blows, the sun and the rain, whether it is to rest, exercise, eat, charge, etc., they need a clean place to rest. "Gao Jie, head of Ele.me’s instant logistics business in South China, introduced that after conducting demand research in Guangzhou rider groups, the new site includes rider theme plazas, theme basketball courts and comprehensive service centers.

  As the first rider-themed square in the country, it covers an area of3000Square meters, built based on the interests of new employment groups such as riders, including parking areas, power changing cabinets, basketball courts, fitness areas, etc. There are also simple car washing equipment installed here for riders to use for free. In order to solve the pain points of electric vehicle licensing, the traffic police brigade of Haizhu District Public Security Bureau will also provide regular licensing services every month.

  "Parking Difficulty, Charging Difficulty, Licensing Difficulty "Easily solved, the comprehensive service center focuses on serving the lives, services, security, leisure and development of new employment groups.

  The data shows that the total area of the service center250Square meters. Among them, the "Energy Station" provides a package of convenience services, including water dispensers, microwave ovens, chargers, hair dryers, dryers, umbrellas, simple medicine cabinets and other equipment.

  "Summer is hot and rainy, so it’s much more convenient to have a site. "Chen Peng, the Blue Knight of Ele.me, said that the problem of" difficult to eat, difficult to drink, difficult to rest, and difficult to charge "has been solved here." There is air conditioning, free drinking water and wireless Internet during breaks, and you can even dry clothes. "

  At the same time, the specially equipped government affairs all-in-one machine can conveniently handle nearly 100 municipal services, including payment, certificate printing, transportation, people’s livelihood, social security, and other daily needs.

  There are also live studios and free haircut services here. In the dedicated live stream, "head riders" will share "tips for running orders" from time to time. Take Blue Rider Liu Xuulin as an example. He has won the second prize in the Guangdong Province Online Delivery Officer class skill competition and will live stream training here from time to time. The Care Room also places simple haircut facilities and arranges monthly Yijian clipping activities.

  In addition, there are rider dining discounts and health protection: rider meals are discounted, Wanda Plaza15Home love merchants provide preferential packages for riders; provide health monitoring and medical free clinic activities for riders from time to time.

  8month7On the same day, in the rider-themed square, relevant departments, streets and institutions in Haizhu District worked with Ele.me to "realize the dream of micro-wishes" for riders and distribute "wish gift packages"; Ele.me also conducted a "safe ten thousand miles" high-temperature exercise activity, distributed heatstroke prevention materials, and strengthened safety guarantees.

  "The newly put-into-operation service center is a loving window for the government’s convenient government services, a’service area ‘for new employment groups, and a’gas station’ for party building and learning exchanges. "Xiao Shuixian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Senior Vice President of Ele.me, said that this will further improve the level of riders’ class skills and improve riders’ rights and benefits.

  Better security and support
"Hundred Cities Million" Knight Station continues to advance

  Guangzhou Haizhu "five-star" Knight Station is a new example of Ele.me’s joint construction of new employment groups, career growth, and party building positions in various places.

  2022Since 2000, in Beijing, Ele.me has been jointly built700Square meters "CBDKnight’s Inn "; in cooperation with Putuo Organization Department in Shanghai to create a close4000Square meters of new employment group party and mass service center, including20Group different service spaces. At the same time, Ele.me has built a physical service matrix of Knight’s Inn, including "New Employment Form Party and Mass Service Center" and "One Square Meter Warm Love Station".

  Gao Jie introduced that currently, Ele.me has80A number of Knight Stations, located in different areas of Guangzhou, are open to other new job groups and more outdoor workers free of charge.

  Starting from the needs of riders, Ele.me is establishing a standardization system and building a standardized knight station together with the ecology: according to different basic conditions such as site area, service number, function settings, etc., the site has one to five-star different classification construction standards. Among them, the infrastructure includes water dispensers, rest areas, which are open to new employment groups such as takeaway riders for free; higher configurations include microwave ovens, refrigerators, emergency medicine kits, etc.; high-standard sites also have party building positions, shared offices, study gardens, psychological counseling, etc., to ensure the development and growth of riders in many aspects.

  before7month6Today, Ele.me was launched in Wuhan16Standardized Knight Stations. Subsequently, Ele.me launched the "Hundred Cities Million" plan to build Knight Stations across the country.

  Next, with the support of relevant government departments, Ele.me will jointly build and share with ecological merchants and social forces, including logistics service providers, catering partners, etc. to build Knight Inn in batches to serve new job groups around the clock.

  Xiao Shuixian said that for a long time, Ele.me has actively fulfilled its platform responsibilities, protected the rights and interests of riders, and served the growth of riders. "We will continue to build a standardized knight station through the improvement of working environment, rights and interests protection, skills improvement, incentive care, etc., to create a model for party building positions for new employment groups and a benchmark for career growth."