One-week inventory | Alibaba’s US stocks fell 0.97% last week, and Hong Kong stocks fell 0.28%

[Individual stock trend]

April 1 to April 5

Last week, the S & P 500 fell 0.95%, the Nasdaq Composite Index fell 0.8%, and the Dow Jones Industries Average Index fell 2.27%.

Alibaba’s US stocks fell 0.97% last weekThe total turnover last week was 4.845 billion US dollars, and as of last week’s close, the US stock price was 71.66 US dollars; the US stock market fell 0.97% this month, 7.55% this year, and 30.25% in the past 52 weeks.

Last week, the Hang Seng Index rose 1.1% for the week, while the Hang Seng Technology Index fell 0.77%.

Alibaba-SW Hong Kong stocks fell 0.28% last weekLast week’s total turnover 10.385 billion Hong Kong dollars, as of last week’s close, the Hong Kong stock price was 70.05 Hong Kong dollars, the market value of 1.43 trillion Hong Kong dollars; Hong Kong stocks fell 0.28% this month, this year’s cumulative decline of 7.34%, nearly 52 weeks down 28.34%.

[Company comparison]

stock code Securities abbreviation latest price Last week’s rise and fall This month’s rise and fall This year’s rise and fall 52 weeks of ups and downs VIPS Vipshop $17.06. 3.08% 3.08% -3.94% 12.68% AMZN Amazon $185.07. 2.6% 2.6% 21.8% 81.33% PDD Pinduoduo $117.87. 1.39% 1.39% -19.44% 63.64% BZUN Baozun E-commerce $2.33. 1.3% 1.3% -14.96% -55.62% BABA Alibaba $71.66. -0.97% -0.97% -7.55% -30.25% eBay eBay $52.06. -1.36% -1.36% 19.35% 19.49% JD $26.02. -5% -5% -9.93% -36.16% 06808 Sun Art Retail HK $1.61 3.21% 3.21% 15% -46.33% 00493 Gome Retail HK $0.02 0% 0% -71.43% -82.86% 09988 Alibaba-SW HK $70.05 -0.28% -0.28% -7.34% -28.34% 09991 Baozun Dianshang-W HK $5.79 -3.18% -3.18% -17.52% -56.86% 09618 Group-SW HK $102.90 -4.63% -4.63% -8.53% -35.28%

[Related News]

Flying Pig "2024 Qingming Holiday Travel Express": Domestic hotel bookings increased by 159%

Flying Pig released the "2024 Qingming Holiday Travel Express", showing that the number of domestic hotel bookings during the Qingming holiday increased by 159% compared with the same period last year, the number of line tour bookings increased by 164%, and the number of tickets for popular attractions increased by more than 2 times. Compared with 2023, the public travel distance during the Qingming holiday this year has been significantly lengthened, and the consumption quality has continued to improve. During the Qingming holiday this year, the per capita travel consumption on Flying Pig showed double-digit growth year-on-year, and the number of bookings for hotels, car rentals, and medium and long-term tour products has increased significantly. Among them, the number of bookings for high-star hotels increased by as much as 195% year-on-year. (36Kr)

The "offline exclusive price" of Hema launched for half a year has been cancelled, and the membership system is expected to return?

During the Qingming holiday, Ms. Lin, a Shanghai resident, visited the Hema Fresh supermarket, but unexpectedly found that the "offline exclusive price" that had been launched for about half a year had been cancelled. "Since Hema had an offline exclusive price, when I passed by Hema, I would consciously go in for a stroll. Now it has all been restored to the original price. The original offline discount is gone. Is it a disguised price increase?" Ms. Lin couldn’t help but wonder. On April 5, the reporter learned from a number of Hema stores in Shanghai that since April, Hema stores have cancelled the offline exclusive price, and the current price is basically the same. Some people close to Hema speculated that the cancellation of the offline exclusive price may be the warm-up of the new strategy after the recent change of Hema. On social platforms, news about the resumption of Hema’s membership system has spread like wildfire. (surging news) Aoxiang system launched "AI business assistant" to generate various business key reports

On April 3, the retail merchant SAAS platform "Aoxiang" announced the official release of the "AI business assistant" function for merchants in the retail industry. Through this business tool, merchants can intelligently generate various business key reports and key data to further improve business capabilities and seize business opportunities. This business management tool driven by artificial intelligence technology integrates advanced natural language processing, intelligent decision support and deep learning capabilities, which can provide merchants with a full range of business services including weekly report push, indicator change attribution, competition alignment with merchants, and market trend selection. (Global Network)

Tianhong Yu’ebao won the "King of Money" in 2023 and became the only product with a profit of over 10 billion yuan

According to the 21st Century Business Herald, the annual report of public funds ended in 2023. According to statistics from Tianxiang Investment Gu, the overall loss of public funds in 2023 was 434.774 billion yuan. If the loss of 1.45 trillion yuan for the whole year in 2022 is added, the total loss for two years is nearly 1.90 trillion yuan. The "source of loss" is mainly equity products, mainly due to the sharp adjustment of the class A share market last year, and equity products suffered large-scale losses. Fixed income funds have become the "king of money". According to statistics, Tianhong Yu’ebao became the most profitable fund last year, topping the list with a profit of 12.265 billion yuan, and it is also the only public fund product with a profit of more than 10 billion yuan.

Alibaba: In the first quarter, the company repurchased a total of 524 million ordinary shares at a total price of $4.80 billion

Alibaba HKEx announced that during the quarter ended March 31, 2024, it repurchased a total of 524 million common shares (equivalent to 65 million American depositary shares) at a total price of US $4.80 billion. For the financial year ended March 31, 2024, it repurchased a total of 1.249 billion common shares at a total price of US $12.50 billion.

Alipay Releases "AI Medical Assistant" Solution

According to the Central Broadcasting Network, on April 2, Alipay released the "AI Medical Assistant" solution, using AI large models, digital people and other technologies to help medical institutions provide patients with "AI accompanying medical treatment" services before, during and after medical treatment. Previously, Zhejiang Health Commission has taken the lead in applying and launching the country’s first digital health person "safe diagnosis", and Alipay’s solution will also be officially open to hospitals and medical institutions across the country.

Alipay launches AI medical services such as generative digital people, marking an important step forward in smart healthcare

Alipay launched the "AI Medical Assistant" solution, applying large models, digital people and other technologies to provide patients with "accompanying medical services" before, during and after medical treatment. Previously, Zhejiang Province has taken the lead in using this solution to land digital health people in 92 hospitals, serving more than one million users in half a year. With the newly upgraded generative technology of this solution, "Anding Children" has also officially entered the "era of generative digital people". (Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily)

Fully implement AI to write code, and 20% of Alibaba Cloud’s future code will be written by Tongyi Spiritual Code

On April 2, it was reported that Alibaba Cloud is fully implementing AI programming internally, using Tongyi Spiritual Code to assist programmers in writing code, reading code, checking bugs, optimizing code, etc. Alibaba Cloud has also specially assigned an official employee work number to Tongyi Spiritual Code – AI001. According to a relevant person from Alibaba Cloud: "In the future, 20% of the company’s code will be written by Tongyi Spiritual Code, but programmers will still be the core of R & D, and they will have more time to focus on system design and core business development work." (every time)

Ali Health responds that it is negotiating to acquire a good doctor online report: the news is false

On April 2, in response to media reports, Ali Health is currently negotiating the acquisition with Good Doctor Online. Ali Health said the news was untrue and denied it; Good Doctor Online also denied the matter. (interface)

Ali Health is reported to be in talks to acquire Good Doctor Online

According to multiple sources, Ali Health is currently in talks with Good Doctor Online about the acquisition, and the two sides have made substantive breakthroughs in negotiations on some key issues. In the previous six months or so, the two sides have had contacts and negotiations, but they have been put on hold for a period of time. Earlier, Baidu, Health and other major manufacturers have taken the initiative to contact the subject of Good Doctor Online, but they have given up due to issues such as the acquisition price, business integration between the two sides, and value matching. It is understood that after several rounds of personnel adjustments, Good Doctor Online currently has fewer than 50 employees, and the number of employees at its peak was more than 1,000. (interface)

Taobao responds to test rocket delivery: Many great things initially seem like jokes

In response to the test rocket delivery, Taobao official blog said: Many great things seem to be a joke at first. Previously, media reported that domestic commercial rocket companies are jointly launching a pilot project using the reusable technology of launch vehicles to deliver express deliveries. It plans to conduct the first cargo rocket recovery test in the middle of the year and send the first Taobao space express. If the project goes well, Taobao will truly achieve "hourly delivery" on a global scale in the future.

[Hong Kong Stock Rating]

On April 6, Alibaba was given a buy rating.

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